Sunday, 27 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hi there guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent time with your family, and ate all the chocolate you could and then some. And of course I hope Santa was good to you.

Disclaimer: I understand that Christmas is not about the presents, and I would happily just spend all day in my P.J.s, surrounded by my family, eating chocolate and watching Christmas movies -and maybe having a little cheeky bevy haha, because my family genuinely make me so happy and makes me laugh until I'm in tears, so that would've been enough for me. But thankfully we are in the position where we can buy each other presents, and here is what I was given, plus I'm so nosy and love reading these kind of posts and binge watch these kind of videos on YouTube, so I thought I'd post my own for others to read.

My biggest present and the one I love most and hold closet to me is my little puppy -Harley, myself, my brother James and my parents all chipped in to buy this little brat, So I think she classes as a Christmas present. Look at her -like butter wouldn't melt.

UrBeats by Dr. Dre
My dad surprised me big time with these.

All of the Urban Decay Naked Eye Palettes 
I think I die a go to makeup heaven every time I look at them. Ahh so beautiful.

Vera Wang Princess Perfume
This perfume has been my favourite and my go to sent since I was about 14, if anyone is stuck on what to get me -get me this!

My sister, Angela, and her boyfriend, Patrick, got me my very own BLOG DOMAIN
This is probably a close second in my favourites from this year -thank you again Angela and Patrick, and thank you for choosing a name I like.

No.7 Nail Polish in Milan
Now I'm not a big fan of nail polish, it irritates me so much and no matter how long I wait for it to dry it always smudges, but this nail polish is the easiest thing I've ever applied to my nails, it took me seconds to do both nails, my be the shape of the...wand(?) but it just works for me.

Sparkling Wine and Chocolates 
From the Secret Santa I did with my friends...but I ate and drank it all at the Secret Santa party...sorry not sorry.

Candy Pizza
From my work Secret Santa -I work at an Italian restaurant so I think this is rather fitting.  

Christmas Treat with my Sister and Aunties
My mum and her sisters, treat me and my sister to a day out, we normally go see a show and then go out for dinner. 
A restaurant review will be up tomorrow, and a little explanation of the full day.

Red leather 2016 Diary 

Also I got some Money, most of which has already been spent on this blog (a new blog template will be coming soon), and I've bought myself a microphone for my camera so that I can maybe do some videos for you guys, and a few dresses for New Years, and of course makeup.

Once again a massive thank you to everyone who gave me a gift and I spent time with over the holidays.

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I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, Coley xx