Monday, 28 December 2015

Montpeliers Restaurant

Hi there guys,

So my aunties, myself and my big sister Angela, met up for our annual Christmas Treat. Last year we went to see Wicked at the Playhouse, this year we done something a little...different, as nothing showing at the Playhouse caught our interest. So my aunties booked us ticked to got see Cinderella the panto, at the Churchill Theatre.

Before going to the panto we met at my auntie Catherine's home, where she put together an amazing spread for us.

Yeah this didn't last very long -so delicious!

We chased all this down with some Cherry Brandy and Echo Falls before heading to the show.

After the show we headed down the street to Montpeliers for what would be a lovely Christmas meal.

(This is not my picture)

Such a lovely little restaurant and bar, look at all the fairylights, and the little christmas tree, and just look at the little stockings on the wall tree, all of these little touches as well as the warm lighting made this Montpeliers a beautiful setting.

Myself and my Auntie Margaret has cheeky little mojito -I swear this was double shot though, it was so strong, we had screwed up faces every time we took a sip.

For my, and I all of our, starters we had Monty's prawn cocktail with mini malted loaf and lemon
This was delicious, don't forget to squeeze the lemon over it though, otherwise, to me, it tastes horrible.

As we ordered off of the Christmas menu we got Christmas crackers, and they were actually good quality ones, the jokes where as good as cracker jokes can be, except that Angela and Auntie Catherine got the same ones. I played with that blue spinney thing so much during the courses -I'm easily entertained as you could probably tell.

Mains: Roasted turkey breast with sage and onion stuffing, goose fat potatoes and root vegetables.
Oh where do I begin with this, my mouth is watering at the memory of it. I wasn't sure if I was actually going to enjoy this all that much -I've NEVER had stuffing before, because my family is weird, turns out I freaking love it, its now a must, and I thought the cranberry sauce would already be poured over the food, thankfully it wasn't (I'm not a fan of the old cranberry sauce). The turkey was nice a tender, easily cut, the gravy was a thing of dreams and all together...let just say you're lucky I didn't lick the plate clean.

Dessert: Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake 
I was so full after the mains, I'm not sure why I order it, but the few mouthfuls I had were delicious, I thought about taking it home, but I knew I was going to go home and slip into a food coma so decided not to. it was very yummy though.

All in all, I would give Montpeliers a 5/5, I really, really enjoyed my time there and I can't wait to go back and try their normal menu.

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Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Love, Coley xx