Sunday, 6 December 2015

Cosy Up Your House for Christmas & My Christmas Shelf

Hi there guys,

You've come here to see how you can make your house more cosy during these cold, yet festive times and here are some of the changes I've made to my house this year.

(Merry Christmas candle holder is from The Range)

1. Put fairy lights everywhere! 

White, yellow, multi coloured, doesn't matter, fairy lights make everything look better!

(I don't know where any of these are from sadly -sorry.)

2. CANDLES! Get a few nice christmasy smelling candles a dot them around the house.

I'm burning Simply Cinnamon and Soft cotton from  a Yankee Candle collection, the rest are unscented tea light candles from anywhere.

3. Blankets!

Put them on your bed, your desk chair, cover your entire couch, we don't want the cold to touch us at all. Add a cuddly Harley to the mix and you're sorted! 

(From B&M store, so cheap, yet so fluffy)

4. Change the bed sheets.

Something a little more festive, red, white, one with St Nicholas' face on it, or a few penguins, polar bears and reindeer -up to you.

(From Asda)

5. Add a few fluffy pillows here at there. 

(Red from Asda and, fluffy from Home Sense)

6. DIY some Christmas decorations for your wall or tree. 

Adding some Holly and Mistletoe to spice from things up...or to make the wall look less plain.

7. Sparkles! 

My little silver heart bells, that jingle like Santa's reindeer and add a little sparkle to the house, and hey home is where the heart is.

(from The Range)

8. Bake or cook some Christmas treats, and let the smell of Christmas spices fill your entire home.

Here's is some Chocolate Banoffee Biscuit Balls -recipe is going up on Tuesday.

9. Pour yourself a hot drink, hot chocolate is my preferred one this time of year, a snuggle up to a Christmas movie on the cosy couch.

10. The Tree...or trees in my case. Take the time to decorate your tree so that every time you look at it it makes you smile.

I filmed a little decorations video showing you everything but it took its sweet time loading in blogger, sorry that this post was up so late, I'm new to the whole video on blog thing.

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Merry Christmas Everyone...18 almost 17 DAYS TO GO!

Love, Coley xx