Friday, 4 December 2015

Black Friday Haul

Hi there guys,

So Black Friday, well week, has been and gone as well as Cyber Monday and I've done some shopping, as ya do, I thought I'd title this as 'Mini Black Friday Haul' but as I listed them all I realised I'v actually bought quite a lot of things haha.

*Links to everything that are still available, just click the item you want!*

From New Look

Parisian Black Open Side Cape Dress £12.50

Camel Oversized T-Shirt £6.74

Burgundy Oversized T-Shirt £6.74

Blue Check Night Shirt £7.50 (Unavailable)

Rust Roll Neck Sleeveless Jumper £10.00

Black Turtle Neck Longline Sweater £11.24 (Unavailable)

Blue Vanilla Silver Textured Bandeau Bodycon Dress £26.25
(How much does this dress look like Vanessa's Dress!?)

Black Over The Knee Boots £29.99

From Boohoo

Ally Lily Print Jersey Printed Flippy Shorts £3.00

Darcey Tropical Print Dress £3.00

Simone Printed Strappy Bodycon Dress £3.00

Jessie Folk Print Strappy Bodycon Dress £3.00

Emma Floral Skinny Strappy Dress £3.00 (Unavailable)

Lacey Printed Strappy Dress £3.00

Alice Floral Print Playsuit £4.00

Lorna Oriental Floral Flippy Shorts £4.00

From (of course) Makeup Revolution

Radiant Light Breathe £3.00

Euphoria Palette Bare £3.00

Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Affirmation £8.00

Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Mermaids Forever £8.00

I also bought something else for my friends birthday present, that took the price up to £30 and so I got the Black Friday Bundle which is worth over £30.

The Black Friday Bundle was;

Baked Bronze Bronzed Fame £4

The One Blush Stick Malibu £5 Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer Nothing Like You and I £3 Ultra Velout Lip Cream Can't We Just Make Love Instead £3

Blush Palette All About Cream £6

Single Eyeshadow KILLER! £1

Awesome Eyeshadow Palette Beach and Surf £4

Awesome Eyeshadow Palette Disappear to the Beyond £4

From The Body Shop (All of these are Christmas Presents)

Shea Soap (100g) £2.00 Shea Hand Cream (30ml) £4.00 Shea Treats £6.00

Moringa Soap (100g) £2.00 Moringa Hand Cream (30ml) £4.00 White Musk Smoky Rose Treats £6.00

Frosted Cranberry Treat Box £8.00

And an online order from Boohoo that hasn't arrived yet! *Gutted*

Darcy Lace and Floral Print Swing Playsuit £10.00
Darcy Lace and Floral Print Swing Playsuit

Erin Tapestry Print Swing Playsuit £10.00
Erin Tapestry Print Swing Playsuit

So that was everything I bought for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, weep for my bank account,like I have been for the past week, and will be for another two #PayDay 

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Merry Christmas Everyone...20 DAYS TO GO!

Love, Coley xx