Sunday, 22 November 2015

Meet Harley!

Hey there guys,

At the beginning of this month, after a creative meeting for Cera K Christmas Blog Special photoshoot, I arrived home to find a little 'surprise' waiting for me.

Meet Harley!

This picture to me is Harley in a nutshell, cute and cheeky.

So I've got a few basic question that I'm going to answer about her.

Name: Harley Quinn

Why?: We were originally only going to call our puppy Harley if it was a boy (like Harley Davidson) and we couldn't really think a girls name we all liked, but as we waited for the puppies to be born and find out which one we would be getting, the name really grew on me, so I decided I wanted a boy because I liked the name so much, but my parents wanted a girl #conflict. When I was thinking of things I could go as for Halloween Harley Quinn came to mind and then it was decided -Harley was going to be our little girls name.

Breed: Miniature Jack Russell Terrier

Sex: Female/Bitch

D.O.B: 27/09/2015 (Around 4am)

Breeders Given Name: Lucky

Why?: Much like Lucky from 101 Dalmatians, she was a stillborn, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck during birth, and the breeder has to resuscitate her.

This is Harley at two weeks and two days old -they day we picked her, and she marked us as hers -she pooped on me and my brother...

We actually almost picked her sister, Little Fizz (after her mum), she was the one I held first and she was adorable, meanwhile my mum, dad and my brother had held Harley so i had been holding Little Fizz for quite some time, but as soon as my brother past me Harley, she snuggled right into to me and I straight away said "This one, this one's ours!" 

Date we brought her home: 04/11/2015 (Age: 5 weeks and 3 days old)

Why?: Harley and the rest of her litter weren't feeding off their mum any more, the vet said the litter was very advanced. Also the breeder said she has received noise complaints and she was going to be thrown out, Harley and her siblings if we didn't take them would be pasted around her family and I don't actually believe this story, as it wouldn't have been such sudden news, the day we heard about the noise complaints was the day we brought her home and the day the breeder got the money in full *cough* only thing she wanted *cough* 

 Here she is at 4 weeks and 1 day old, she at this meeting really stole my heart, I left the breeders thinking 'yeah I have a puppy' and was more excited than I was the last time I saw her. And thankfully she didn't poop on any of us,

It was me, my mum and James this time round who went to the breeders to see her, we all had our little shot of her and she was full of snuggles and kisses, we knew we had picked the right one, but what really cemented it was when we turned to leave, she was right up at the door of the playpen and crying. She knew she was gonna be coming home with us soon.

Her Personality Traits: Cheeky, quick, playful -wants to play with everything, snugly, hates wearing her coat and jumper, jumpy, hates loud noises -is easily scared by them, very vocal.

Is she house broken yet?: We've had her for 2 weeks and 4 days now, she's not even 8 weeks old yet, but she's partially house broken, she prefers to pee outside (cause that's what the old dog does and he gets rewards) she won't pee indoors unless she really needs too, we do have a puppy pee pad, she'll most of the time use that, others she'll pee near is. Give it another week or two and she'll be all good to go.

Training: I'm going to be clicker training her, she's already learnt her name, down, kisses, food and when dad puts his boots that its time to go outside. 

Her Favourite Toy: This little pink pig.

Are we going to breed her?: We are half and half on this one, my dad and brother say yes, me and my mum say no -I'll let you have a guess at which team's going to win.

Does Jake like her?: Jake is our (around) 15 year old mutt, we got him from the Dog and Cat home, about 15 years ago, so he's a little old man who really enjoys lounging about, being petted, having a toy at his paws and being out in the garden with dad -so when this little ball of fur and a hell of a lot of energy came into his home, he was a little bit unsure of what to do. He growls when she gets too close to his food, toys or if she's jumping all over him and biting him, but now she's started to growl back and wants to play with him more, if she gets too much for him he'll show his teeth and bark at her, but he's never went for her. But from the second night they've slept in the same bed -it's just when she's moving Jake doesn't really like her!

My two babies!

Also I know she hates it but she looks so damn cute in it;

So this is Harley!

Love, Coley xx