Friday, 6 November 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Love Coley!

Hello there,

I can not believe it's almost been a year already, tomorrow is my little blogs 1st birthday, and I personally can't wait to continue for many years to come.

This blog has been a way to escape for me, no one bothers me in my house when I'm doing a blog post, and its been a way for myself and my mum to do something together as she helps me from time to time. Since I left school to start work I had a lot of free time on my hands and after about a week of doing nothing but work every other day I was bored out my mind, in a way this blog is how I'm actually much happier in my life, it's something that's mine and mine alone, if I don't upload no one else will. I'm in control of it and that gave me more of sense of purpose.

Starting this blog is also how I've figured out what I want to do with my life, be a make up artist, before this blog I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my life -travel, not go to college, be a waitress, or something or other, for the rest of my life most likely, not that I'd mind that -I actually love my job and could probably work there the rest of my life, but that scared my parents and I've never seen my mum more delighted than when I told her I'd being going to college for make up artistry next year.

There has been a few times this past year when I haven't uploaded, either because my personal life was too much for me and I just didn't want to upload anything, or work got busy and I couldn't make the time to do a make up look, or I couldn't find the time to put the post together and edit it and all that jazz, so my blog went unused for a little while. Back in March of this year I found out that my best friend, my English Springer Spaniel's health was deteriorating and she would have to be put down soon, In April my little ball of light went to sleep, my little Jewel got put down, myself and my dad where in the room with her, she died looking at two people who loved her very much. After loosing Jewel I really didn't have it in me to upload, or be around too many people. But after a month or so, I started to miss blogging, and I was going on holiday with my friends so I had to get back out there, and I started up blogging again in June, although still very sporadically, I was happy and comfortable with my uploads. However in October I've just been working a lot and haven't found the time to upload anything.

The bottom line is, I'm grateful to this blog for giving me opportunities like; the photoshoot I'm going to be a make up artist for later in this month for another beauty blogger, helping me find out what I'm doing with my life and just making me a happier person really.

 So thank you Love Coley for an amazing year!

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Love Coley xx