Sunday, 22 November 2015

(Another) Revolution Haul

Hello there,

So I have another Makeup Revolution haul for you, I swear this is an addiction, I'm buying shades of lipstick I know I won't wear in public just so I can own them. Well bad habits are supposed to die hard right, it's going to take a beauty blood bath for me to stop.

Without any further rambling from myself, lets get started :)

Atomic Lipstick Shades

Top to Bottom; Make It Right, Serpent

These two shades made my top favourites, they apply very smoothly, and have a creamy feel on the lips, but don't feel sticky at all -plus the colours are fabulous!

Amazing Lipstick Shades

Top to Bottom; Beloved, Cheer, Dusky, Treat. Side: Dare

Dusky and Treat have also made it into my favourites, Dusky is a beautiful, natural, light pink shade and Treat is my 'Your lips but better' shade. *Applies same as Serpent and Make It Right*

Cheer, for me, doesn't apply all that nicely, and I feel that it's more glittery than shimmery and the glitter is quite chunky.

Beloved is a bit too light for my skin-tone, but for someone who is really fair skinned I think it would look great. *

Dare is a lovely royal red, would be fabulous for Christmas day or a fancy night out.*

Top to Bottom; Divine, Chic, Flashing, Crime. Side: Passion

Chic is much like Cheer for me, I had the exact same problem with it -it's a shame, they are both still really nice shades just crappy texture.

Divine is a very nice coral shade and I'll be wearing it non-stop come spring and summer. *

Flashing is also a shade I'll be wearing in spring and summer, it's a pretty bright pink, just a little to bring for me in Autumn/Winter time. *

Crime is more of an neon, yet still a deep pink, one that I'd wear on a night out. *

Passion is the lipstick I'm planning on wearing on Christmas day, it's more of a deeper red than Dare and I think it suits my skin-tone better. *

Unicorns Unite Lipstick Line

Top to Bottom; Throne, Pink Myth, Magical, Horn of Magic. Side: Legend

Pink Myth -I love it, it's just such a fun colour, although it comes out as more of a coral/red, than a pink.

Horn of Magic, Throne and Legend didn't apply all that well on me, maybe try applying with a damp lip brush, or maybe I didn't use enough pressure when applying, I don't know, but for me these three came out really patchy.

Magical is slightly patchy when applied from the bullet, but if a second coat is applied with a lip brush it turns out wonderfully -even though the swatch doesn't look so great.

Ultra Base Corrector Palette

All of these are creams and apply very smoothly and blend easily.

First Row from Left to Right;
Pink - Brightens
Lavender - Neutralises Yellow Tones
Green - Neutralises Redness (I have say this one works wonders)
Orange - Neutralises Blue Tones (I use this on my inner eye area every morning)

Second Row from Left to Right;
Peach - Helps to Balance out Discolouration (I use this as a pre-foundation, to make sure the green doesn't show through)
White - Highlight (Great for the Kim K Highlight) 
Cream - Neutralises Purple and Covers Scaring (I use on spot scars and inner eye area if I've had no sleep)
Brown - Balances Ashiness in Medium/Dark Skin-tones

Ultra Cream Contour Palette

These don't have names or assigned colours so it'll just be left to right.

Top Row;
(1) - Simillar to the pink in the Corrector Palette, is there to brighten.
(2) - Yellow Neutralise Blue/Purple Tones on Darker Skin-tones.
(3) - If I was happy how the highlight and contour blended I'd use this as a foundation, only if you wanted a very dewy finish, I'd recommend powdering if you do.
(4) - Highlight

Bottom Row;
(1) - Contouring shade for darker skin-tones
(2) - This is the shade I use to outline where I'm going to contour, it has a cold undertone so it'll appear more natural.
(3) - This is the shade I use to deepen the contour on my cheeks, less is more with this shade.
(4) - Highlighter for Darker Skin-tones.

Pro Eyeshadow Brushs

Left to Right: Pro E101 Eyeshadow Brush, Pro E102 Eyeshadow Contour Brush, Pro E103 Eyeshadow Blending Brush

This is my second set of these -love, Love, LOVE!

Pro F104 Powder Brush

My puppy pretty much destroyed my Real Techniques Powder Brush, I saw this when I was browsing Revolutions website, thought I'd give it a go, and the quality of Revolution's brushes are really good, it's really soft and its been cleaned twice and so far no moulting.

Ultra Metals F304 Flat Contour Brush

Inspired by Real Techniques Bold Metals, I think that this line of Ultra Metal are a really good dupe of them.

This brush has changed my contouring game forever.

Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray

2 or 3 sprays of this at a little less than arms length away, will make sure your makeup goes nowhere.

Also I wore this on the day of a Cera K's photoshoot, I was a makeup artist for the shoot, and my make up stayed in place the entire day -whoop whoop.


You can buy everything I've shown on this post from either Superdrug or Makeup Revolution, wish I had a discount code for you, but believe it or not I'm not actually sponsored by them. (Sobbing)


So as you can see my collection is growing and I don't see myself stopping any time soon, god help my bank account - but hey it's cheap so no regrets.

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Love, Coley xx