Friday, 2 October 2015

My Autumnal Make Up Look

Hello there,

I uploaded a picture of this make up look to my instagram, and I got a really good response, so I'm excited to finally be able to share this tutorial with you.

Here is my go to, day or night Autumnal make up look.


All the products I used will be listed at the end.

Step One: Base

Prime your skin. (this is optional)

Apply your favourite foundation, matte or dewy finish, its completely up to you.

Then apply your concealer to your under eyes and any problem areas.

Remember: To have a clean face, and hands - and moisturise! 

Step Two: Eyes

First prime your eyes. (again this is optional, but I always do this as I have hooded eye lids)

(I) Lids

Apply a shimmery gold, all over your eye lid.

Take this shade down to highlight your tear duct and line your inner bottom lash line.

(II) Crease 

Apply a matte medium/dark brown to your crease, and blend up, making your crease appear higher.

This Step is optional 

Apply a shimmery or matte, whichever you prefer, and gently run it through your crease.

You can take, either this shade or the brown, to the outer half of your bottom lash line. 

I used the brown as I only wanted a hint of purple in this make up look.

(III) Liner and Mascara

You can use a liquid eyeliner or a pencil eyeliner, again whichever you feel most comfortable using, I used a black eyeshadow to line my eye.

Then apply your favourite mascara.

You could also opt for a dark brown to soften this look up, and make it a more everyday make up look.

Step Three: Bronze/Contour and Highlight

I lightly contoured my jawline, cheekbones and forehead, I took my bronzer up to my cheeks to add a little warmth and live back in to my face.

I then highlighted, down then bridge of my nose, the top of my cheeks and my chin.

Step Four: Lips

Finally apply your favourite berry lipstick, and you are finished! 

If you aren't confidant with bold colours, use either a lip liner to help you stay within the line of your lips or a fine lipstick brush to help with precision.

The finished look!

Products I Used;
Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow (Deauville)
Concealer: Laura Mericer Secret Concealer (#2)
Brows: Make Up Revolution Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit (Medium Dark)
Eyeshadow: Make Up Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection Palette
Left: Brown (for crease) Top to bottom: Purple (Crease) Gold (Lid) Black (Liner)
Mascara: Benefit They're Real Mascara
Bronzer and Highlighter: Bourjois Delice de Pouder Duo Bronzer and Highlighter
Lips: Make Up Revolution Amazing Lipstick - Rebel With Cause

Love, Coley xx