Sunday, 27 September 2015

Soft Grunge Make Up Look

Hello there,

A couple of months ago Anastasia Beverly Hills instagram account uploaded an image, and it inspired me to do a soft grunge esk make up look.

Step by step, how to tutorial below, all the products I used will be listed at the end.

Step One: Base

First prep your base, never forget to moistures your face and have clean fingers before applying make up.

Apply your favourite matte foundation, you don't want a dewy finish, and of course apply concealer to any problem areas and to your under eyes to brighten them up.

I also filled in my eyebrows (apologies for the wild state they are in - they need threaded) you want thick, dark eyebrows for this look.

Step Two: Eyes

(I) Lid 

Apply a medium/dark brown to your lid.

Take it up into your crease if you like, and blend!

(II) Crease

Take the same brown eyeshadow (add a small amount of black if you like) and brush through your crease - the key to this entire look is blending, so blend blend blend! 

I added a little bit of a shimmery brown to my lid as I thought I would like the effect it would give off - and I did. Don;t forget to blend!

I then applied the shimmery shade to my inner bottom lash line and the darker shade to the outer corner of my bottom lash line.

So that my lipstick didn't look out of place, I gently blended a dark purple through my crease.

(III) Mascara 

Lastly for my eyes I applied mascara.

You could apply an eye liner before mascara. 

(I'm not a massive fan of liquid liner and my eyes are too sensitive for lining my water and tight line.)

Step Three: Bronze 

Lightly dust your face with your favourite bronzer.

Using a bronzer with  a grey undertone, contour your face.

If you like apply some bronzer to your cheeks to add a little bit of warmth back to the face.

(I didn't highlight or apply and blusher.)

Step Four: Lips

Apply your favourite berry (or purple -if you're brave enough) lipstick.

I only now realised that I should have used my more purple lipstick as it would've complete this look much better.


Lipstick I wished I had worn with this look!


Products I Used;
Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow
Concealer: Laura Mericer Secret Concealer
Brows: Make Up Revolution Fix and Focus Eyebrow Kit
Eyeshadow: Make Up Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection Palette
Left: Lid, crease and outer bottom lash line Middle: Lid and inner bottom lash line Right: Crease 
Displaying image1.jpeg
Bronzer: Bourjois Delice de Pouder Bronzing Powder
Contour: I actually used the eye shadow shade three down from the left one I used
Lips: Make Up Revolution Rebel With Cause  
I wished I had used (same brand) Make Me Tonight

Love, Coley xx