Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Back to School: What's In My School Bag

Hello there,

In the UK, majority of schools go back around the end of August to beginning of September. 

I may be very late in uploading this or right on time, either way here it is :) 

Look at it, it's so colourful.

I got pretty much everything from ASDA, as it's my local supermarket shop, if I got anything elsewhere I'll let you know.

I'm just going to list everything, in the picture above, below;

A4 Marvel Hardback Notebooks 
A5 Green Notepad
A6 Red Notepad
Multi Coloured Striped Ring Binder
Multi Coloured Binder Dividers 
Polly Pouches 
Permanent Markers
Pack of Coloured Medium Ball Pens
Pack of Pencils 
                  Customised Pencils (I got these a gift)
Pencil Case
              Glasses and Case (Specsavers)
                       Purse (India from a holiday)
                  Brush (The Body Shop)
         Phone (Apple)
        Charger (Apple)

And Lastly

       Make Up Bag (Boots)

Also don't forget a bottle of water to stay hydrated!

Now you need a cute bag to put all of this in.

I got this bag from eBay...or Amazon...I can't really remember...sorry.

Love, Coley xx