Tuesday, 15 September 2015

30 Things I want To Do Before I'm 30

Hello there,

30 things to do before I'm 30, I had to really think about this, some people want to get married really young and be finished making their family by 30, or they want to focus on their careers and not start their family until they are in their 30's, everyone is different and this is the 30 thing I hope to accomplish before I'm 30.

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Finish College
Get a job in make up
Live in New Zealand for a year (or more)
Buy my own puppy
Start my own cruelty free make up brand
Start an animal and environment Charity 
Volunteer with animals
Volunteer in Africa, for either animals or children
Move out of my parents house 
Get my drivers licence 
Be consistent with my blog  
Spend more time with my family
Keep in touch with my friends who have moved for University 
Travel with Interrail
Travel the WORLD
Start a YouTube channel 
(If So) Do daily volgs too
See the Northern Lights
Live on a boat for one month (and follow an Orca whale pod)
Bungee Jump (for charity)
Sky Dive (for charity)
Live in the wilderness for one week (for charity)
Abseil down, one of, the tallest buildings in the world (for charity)
Zip-line (for charity)
Cycle (for charity)
Run (for charity)
Buy my own car
Buy my own house
Get Married
Start my family

The ones in orange, are the things I've already set in motion, the ones in red are things I'll have to wait a little while for, or still have to figure out how to do, or if I even really want to do them -which is okay everyone can change their minds and decide some things are not right or best for them, or some things might turn out to not be worth doing.

What are some things you want to do before you are 30, or you want to do sometime in your life?

Love, Coley xx