Sunday, 2 August 2015

Natural, Beautiful, Strong Hair: My Haircare Routine

Happenin' Guys,

My hair, it's something I'm rather proud of, I rarely do anything drastic with my hair, cut it, dye it, bleach it etc. and it seems to have really agreed with my ways of caring for it as I hardly ever have a 'bad hair day'.

Night before or Shower Prep

Once a week, normally a Thursday night, I use a hair mask and sleep with it in -I use The Body Shop's Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter -if you don't want to sleep with it in or forget, then apply, at least, 10-15 minutes before your shower or bath.

My hair before any product has been put in it 
(Also this is my hair after an 8 hour shift at work)

Tip: You don't need a massive amount of product -as the saying goes; a little goes a long way.

Evenly distribute the product on the lengths of your hair, DON'T RUB, just gently run your hand down your hair. Concentrate on the ends, that's where most of the damage occurs, like split ends etc.  

Some product will still be on your fingertips, take this time to give yourself a head massage, this promotes hair growth and this way your roots get some of the product without it being concentrated, or resulting in a greasy affect. 

Still follow these "steps" if you are applying before shower.

When I'm asleep I don't my hair touching my face, so plaits, or pigtails, are my go to bed hair styles, but a messy bun will do the trick all the same.

Tip: I want to say that using a hair mask once a week is enough, if your hair is really damaged then maybe twice a week for a little while, and once your hair is in a better condition, lessen it to once a week.

The products I uses in the shower

Does anyone else have a shower routine? I live by mine.

Before you step foot in the shower -brush your hair, at this point I like to use my wide tooth detangling comb. 

First, I shampoo my hair with The Body Shop's Banana Shampoo, focusing on the roots, and then gently running down then lengths, the shampoo will clean your lengths as it runs out your hair under the water. Also don't rub as it encourages breaking and split ends.

Then I condition my hair with The Body Shop's Banana Conditioner, the longer you leave this in, the better. So I just leave the conditioner in as I go about my cleaning of the body and shaving and all that fun stuff.

Last thing I do in my showers is turn the temperature to cold or cool -I shower a number 6, and I turn it down to 3 or less- and wash out my conditioner.

Tip: Putting your hair under cold water, seals the cuticles of your hair, this helps keep your hair strong, prevents damage and split ends, and a big plus for me; helps prevent frizz.  

The products I use after the shower

Again, I brush out my hair with the wide tooth comb and then gently ring out my hair with the towel.

I then spritz my hair with The Body Shop's Rainforest Radiance Detangling spray and brush my hair again before I wrap my hair up in a towel.

My hair stays in this towel for about 30-40 minutes while I do my skincare, get dressed, apply my make up, and if I have time I'll leave it longer and watch Netflix or something.

When I finally take my hair out the towel, and ring it out one last time. Then I judge how long I'll have to blow dry my hair, if my hair is a fair bit damp, I'll spray my hair with an old heat protective spray -Got2Be Guardian Angle, and then -you guessed it- brush my hair, this time with my bamboo pins wooden brush 

Tip: The wood help spread your hairs oils and this acts as a natural conditioner.

When I blow dray -don't yell at me I know I shouldn't- I flip my hair over and blow dry my roots, to give it more volume.

Then flip my hair the right way and plait my hair, depending on how wavy I want my hair, I'll put more plaits, but today I just wanted natural waves, so pigtails for me again. Now you can either go about your day and leave it to dry naturally or if you don't want to rock the pigtails in public, you can blow dry your hair in the plaits.

Lastly, my hairs length weighs down my roots so I'll spray some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and scrunch up my roots a little, you can also scrunch up the waves if you feel they need them. I was going for a more relaxed look so to finish everything off I applied some Argan Oil to my ends.

I love my hair! What products do you use to show your hair some love?

Love, Coley xx