Thursday, 6 August 2015

Back to School: Make Up

Happenin' Guys 

This is a very easy, very natural, stress free make up look for school, that you can modify to suit you better, I understand that some schools don't allow make up, so you can take out the more noticeable products so that you don't get caught, or add some of your staple products to make the look more you!

I personally liked to sleep as long as possible, so on a day to day basis I personally would only wear;
Lip Balm 

Prep: Clean Base

Start with a clean base, for a school morning I'd say, cleanse, moisturise. and apply eye cream.

Step One: Start Your Base 

For school I prefer to start with concealer, for spots, my cheeks and under eyes, and then apply my foundation with my beauty blender, doing all this helps to keep the skin looking natural.

Tip: If you want to completely conceal your spots, redness and freckles, use a flat foundation brush.

I used, as always,  Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer and Foundation both in 51.

Step Two: Eyes AND Brows 

As this look is really simple, I didn't feel the need to take a picture of every step.

First, I always apply primer if I'm wearing eye liner, as I have a hooded eyelid, so it transfers really quickly if I don't. I'm using Benefits Stay Don't Stray 

Then using my Bourjois Bronzing and Highligh Duo palette, I applied the high lighter to my lid, inner eye area and brow bone. On a fluffy brush I ran the bronzer through my crease and focused on the outed corner.

I then done a thin line of liner, going from 3/4 in my eye and flicked it out slightly, using my Bourjois Liner Feutre in Ultra Black.

Lastly, using my Revolution Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit in Medium Dark, using the lightest shade (top left) I filled in my eyebrows.

Step Three: Finishing Your Base 

Lightly powder your face, last thing you want it to look shiny at school. I'm using my trusty Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in 52.

Tip: Focus on the places you concealed to set the product.

I also lightly dust my face with bronzer to bring a little bit of life back into my face and strangely it also helps it look more natural...oh using the bronzer from my Bourjois Bronzer and Highlighter Duo.

If I have time/can be bothered, I'll lightly contour my cheeks and jawline, to add more dimension to my face - really only do this for photo day, if I'm being honest with you haha.

Step Four: Blush/Highlight and Lipstick

For my blush I applied, the shimmery pink blush from my Revolution Ultra Blush Golden Sugar Palette, to the apples of my cheek and continued it up as a highlighter. 
I don't think it has a name, but top left, second one in.

For this post, to finish everything off I applied, Bourjois Rough Edition in 39, but I normally would only wear lip balm.


So that you can see it'll last through your school day. this is what my make up looked like after 8/9 hours of being out shopping with my friend, with no touch ups. It lasted pretty well I think, a little bit of eye liner transfered but you can't notice because of my crease make up. Thank the Lord for Eyeshadow Primer -my lipstick is completely gone, but they no touch ups remember!

Fun Pics :)

My face at the thought of going back to high school
LOL just kidding I've finished school!

Love, Coley xx