Friday, 21 August 2015

Back to School: Beauty Bag/First Aid Kit

Happenin' Guys,

One thing, I think, is an necessity in high school, is a beauty bag, that'll double as your own personal first aid kit. 

This little bag literally came in so handy. recommend everyone has one, or something along the lines -even boys!

Concealer, just in case any spots decide to make another appearance during the day.

You don't need the beauty blender, you could just use your fingers.

Powder, in case you get a bit shiny -I always did after going out for lunch.

The lipstick you're wearing that day, or lip balm...or both haha. 

Lord knows its won't last till final bell!

Mascara to perk up your eyes again.

They will start to look a bit dead after a couple of hours, it's a sad fact.

Roll-on deodorant and body mist in case you or your friend gets stinky. 

Chewing gum, for after lunch.

Mission - To successfully place a piece in your mouth without be detected. 
Consequence of failing - You'll have to buy another pack for tomorrow.

Hair ties and grips, for P.E or if you just want your hair out your face.

Plasters, because we all bought new shoes for school and we all did not break them in before hand!
Painkillers and hay-fever tablets, it's the worst thing when you don't have either when you need them! 

Wipes -mainly for your hands after, pretty much every, class, or you could buy a hand sanitiser.

Cute little bag, to put all of this in.

Ta da!

And that's all folks!

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Love, Coley xx