Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Impulse Purchases Part Two

The Body Shop Sale! 

The squeal was real it startled my dogs when I saw this in my living-room waiting for me a couple of mornings ago.

Obviously I had to take of anything with my address so excuse the scuff marks.

Oh look you can see the outline of me and my camera 

Hehe so excited.

Oh so beautiful!

Let's Get Started...

The Chocomania Lip Butter
Sadly it's not very good, smells nice though...

Aloe Soothing Day and Night Creams.
As it states in their names; these products are very VERY soothing, and help calm and reduce any redness on my face. 

The Chocomania Body Butter Deluxe Edition, and The Coconut Body Butter.
Both of these smell amazing and make my arms and legs feel silky smooth.

The Shea and Coconut Hand Creams.
Both again smell amazing and my hands are soft and smooth for the whole day.

The Banana Shampoo.
Ugh I love this, my hair smells of bananas for the rest of the day, if I don't use hair spray on it, and my hair is soft and silky and shiny, I was going to buy the conditioner but I don't think I need to...I probably still will though, not going to lie to you or myself.

The Chocomania Shower Cream.
This product smells amazing and it does the job of making my feel clean but after I step out the bathroom I can't really smell it any more, which sucks cause it smells delicious.

The Vanilla Body Mist.
Who doesn't love a good body mist or 2, or 3, or 4...or 7. I think I have them all to be honest, and I love this one the most, it subtle, and calming, it makes you smell clean and delicious and as soon as someone smells it, they can't stop. 
Personal space please people!

The All-In-One InstaBlur.
This was the one I was looking most forward to, it does a really good job of making my pores appear non-existent, but I haven't decided if it helps my make up stay on longer...

The Vitamin E Eye Cream.
Out of all of the products, this is the one I feel as done the most wonders, my eyes get really; tight, tired, irritated and dry, and after using this product my eyes feel wonderful, I use it twice a day, one blob (that's a fun word) in the morning, I rub it between my ring fingers and then gently massage it in my eye areas, at night I use one blob per eye and really take my time to massage it in and let it sink in and it feels AMAZING! I didn't use it one day, because I was late for work, and I will never make that mistake again!

Love Coley xx