Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Benefit's 'They're Real!' Mascara Review

'They're Real!' Review

So I know practically every blogger in the world has done a review on this product as its been out for ages, but I recently repurchased it along with a few other Benefit Cosmetics and I'm doing a review on all of them, plus I'm still pretty new to the blogging world so I get a free pass!

I've been buying this specific product for quite some time now, maybe about a year and a bit...of course I've bought other mascaras, as before 2015 I didn't have a job, and this product is slightly on the pricey side -£19.50 in boots- and I didn't want to wear this product every time I wore make up as I would be a waste. This is my go to occasion mascara.

My lashes before applying the mascara...

Excuse my red eye

My lashes after...

I absolutely love the finish it gives my lashes, they are fanned out, and don't look clumpy -thank god!

The packaging of the mascara is very sleek and the handle is the perfect size for my hand which helps with application. The wand is plastic bristles and that is my preferred type, at the top of the wand are more bristles in a dome shape and that help elongate the outer lashes, allows you to get right into the inner lashes, I use this for my bottom lashes (use a gentle hand for the bottom lashes) and if a few of my lashes aren't as long as the others I use it just to add a little bit more length to those -it's amazing!

My only flaw to this product is that after a few hours, if I have put some on my bottom lashes, then it smudges just a little bit, but that might be due to the fact that my under-eyes are a tad bit oily -but I've heard that a few people have had that problem. But other than that I have found no flaw to this product...actually maybe just the price, but it's Benefit and it's worth every penny!

Love Coley xx