Tuesday, 27 January 2015

B. Pure Micellar Water Review

B. Pure Micellar Water - Review

So I've been using this product every night and most mornings, since I got it.
I have to say I'm very please with it, it doesn't leave me feeling greasy, sinks into my skin really quickly, isn't stripping of the skin and doesn't make me feel tight of leave my skin dehydrated.

I haven't used it long enough to see if it making any real difference with my skin, but it has helped even out my skin tone and get rid of a few stubborn spots after my "time of the month".

I also use this product to both prep my skin for make up and take off the make up. Last night I done my make up for my previous post "New Year. New Makeup Look." and because I wasn't going out I had to take it off before bed. 

Make Up Meet Micellar Water

One pad takes of my face make up.

The second took off my eye make up.
I only had make up on one eye, but normally I use a pad per eye.

Third pad (4th pad normally) I use to make sure there is no make up or dirt left on my skin or neck.

The Proof is in the Pads

I love this product and I guess rating out of 5 is
As I would like to only use one pad for both my eyes, but that's just me being demanding haha.

Really great product, you can get it at any Superdrug for £4, but I got it on sale for £2.48. At that price I recommend everyone try this, you can't really go wrong with it.

Love Coley xx