Monday, 8 December 2014

Reasons Why I Love Christmas

I Love Christmas Because...

I get to spend time with my family

My Dad and Mum
My Mum and Cousins Nicola and Ashley
My Big Brother James (he was doing Movember) and Cousin Gary

The German (now European) Market comes to town

Winter Wonderland also comes to town

I get to be excited about Christmas, without getting so many weird looks

Christmas songs are on repeat

Christmas movies are always on

Christmas Day - me and you Tim Allen!
Christmas Movie Countdown

The Coca Cola Christmas adverts is on - The one with the vans and the "holidays are coming" tune 

All these are screen shots from watching advert on my phone


I get to decorate my room

My sister got me a banana skinned "mobile" thing from Africa
(That's what's hanging from the ceiling) 

I get to put up the Christmas tree

It changes colour -EEEP! 

I like looking at other houses that are decorated 

Because they are normally better than mine...

Lush Christmas specials

I have used the very few I bought (as there was none left) and they were all amazing!

I got;
Celebrate (AF) 
sadly I have finished this as I moisturise my skin like 5 times a day...
The Melting Snowman
Snow Fairy (small)

Novelty clothes

I don't own any...I need to fix that horrible fact!
I love looking at all the novelty clothes in the shops and I want them all!

Christmas Shopping

Mainly online...

DIY presents

Blog on that coming very soon

DIY Decorations

Christmas parties

Cosy days in bed

Cold days out with friends

Starbucks Christmas Specials

I still get the hot chocolate anyway, but everyone else gets so excited about them 

Fire goes on every night

Parents don't complain when I ask for a hot water bottle...or two

Thank you Mummy! :)

Hot dinners every night

People are always more grateful

This is how every parent looks when you give them a present

Google Images

Christmas Spirit

"I want to inspire people"

Google Images

The thought and joy around Santa

My Santa Claus(e)
Google Images

This is why Christmas is my favourite time of the year -It's the most magical

Love Coley xx