Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lagganlia Weekend

Weekend Away to Lagganlia

School trips; who doesn't love them -majority of people- but spending a weekend with your friends in a lodge is always guaranteed to be fun.

DAY ONE: Travel

All Packed!

All Dressed and Ready

Make up look is Monday's upload.

When I'm ready too early -this is what happens

Drive up to Lagganlia = banter bus, but teachers were driving which means we got lost and it took a grand six hours to get to the lodge.

Spent SIX HOURS with this guy...he stole my hat!

We then unpacked and got settled, just to be unsettled when we were told we had a night walk booked in...

So we done a night walk...aww it was horrible, yet fun and so good at the same time. My team finished last, cause no one gets left behind, and apparently we took longer than a group of grannies they had had at the lodge...I chose not to believe that.

All wrapped up and still cold

Ella, Georgia, Me, Lewis, Eilidh & Stuart

Then my room actually had an early night, well compared to everyone else. and went to bed around half 1 in the morning.

Day Two: The BEST Day

Woke up half an hour before the alarm went off -my body woke up at half 6...what? Everyone else woke up around 7, and we were down for a not too shabby breakfast at 8.

Look at this view
Went upstairs to get ready for our first activity Ella was so ready, dat weave doe!

Weave game was so strong that morning!

First activity of the day was ARCHERY -LOVED IT!

Baes that I spent most of the weekend with!
Georgia, Ella & Eilidh

I won the round of building a cake, lost so many times at the elimination game just by a line.
And I BROKE MY FREAKING TARGET! *bish wat face*

 My dad was so proud of me when he saw this pic!

In the afternoon we (me and the girls  above) went snowboarding, on an artificial slope, was so fun, but climbing up the slope with a snowboard attached to your foot is not fun nor easy.

"Snowboard, snowboard, grinding on dat wood, g-grinding on dat wood" - Quote of the day, bow down to Queen Bey!

At the end we decided to abandon the boards and knee down the slope -well attempt to anyway- "Autobots roll out" - Georgia "Gubs" Boyle, and we rolled and rolled down that slope, absolutely soaked by the time we hit the bottom!

Canned chicken curry for dinner that night...was edible, that all I have to say about it!

Bowling time, woot woot. I didn't come last, and I was slightly better than I though I would be. 

LESSON: slow and steady does not work - Grant (Guy I was sitting next to on the bus) hope you learnt your lesson! 

Orin absolutely killed it and got himself a strike to up his score to 69, was an amazing moment of the night -no of the weekend!

How I wore my make up is in my post from Sunday, the night time version.

Teachers got lost yet again on the way back to the lodge and we didn't get back until 2 in the morning. Why do they have a drivers licence?

Didn't get to sleep until like half 4 in the morning, I contemplated an all nighter but decided against it because I'd be doing activities all day again.

DAY THREE: The Last Day

Rock Climbing and Abseiling...are crap, I didn't enjoy it one bit, it was cold, wet and slippery.

Look at us all, so optimistic, if only we knew.
Georgia, Eilidh, Me, Lewis & Grant
Orin couldn't bothered getting up, to get in the pic

Whilst abseiling I smashed my knee off the cliff and got myself a pretty decent bruise...yay!

Only thing good that came from it was this picture
Captured by Orin Annand

And then after much confusion and debate over wither or not we would actually do a last activity, we decided on archery again, life = complete!

Until I had to use a lift handed bow...wtf is that!
But then on my second arrow I got a bullseye so, I stopped complaining after that haha.

The one in the white is my first arrow, the bullseye is my second 

They are rather close...
Then we went to pack and headed home, which strangely and thankfully only took 3 hours. I arrived home, minus my amazingly fluffy gloves, around 10pm and quickly uploaded my Make Up Look for this holiday/trip.

Link: http://lovecoleyxx.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/5-minute-everyday-make-up-look-for.html

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Love Coley xx

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