Saturday, 20 December 2014

I Saw Wicked!


On Saturday the 20th of December I went to go see the amazing production of Wicked!

To start my day, I took a shower, I use the Rainforest Volumising Shampoo and the Rainforest Moisture Conditioner, Frosted Cranberry as my body wash, all from the body shop. Finally I use Dream Wash from Lush to sooth my skin.

After the shower I put on Coconut Oil, all over my body -heated up so it becomes an oil- I use this as a moisturiser as it help keeps my eczema at bay. I then use Vitamin E Moisture Cream (Body Shop) as a face moisturiser as I find the coconut oil too (ironically) oily for my face.

Hair, once my hair is more damp than wet, I put all-style blow dry in, to protect my hair before I apply any heat to it, and then I blow dry my hair. After that I straighten my hair, and then I spray my hair with surf spray to add extra volume and texture to my hair.

My Make Up Look Here

And lastly my outfit...

               Ready to go!

My big sister (Angela) and I were picked up by my Auntie Margaret around noon for afternoon tea before the show, we ate at the Boards next to the Playhouse where we met up with my Auntie Catherine.

So Christmasy

              Auntie Margaret and me                               Me                                       Auntie Catherine and me

Me and Angela

I was going to take pictures of my hot chocolate but the table ended up in a clutter, so I decided not to.

We then headed to our seats 

Sooooooo close - Ahhhhh

And Oh My GOD - It was freaking amazing, you could feel every single note sung, I absolutely recommend going to see this, if it's your kind of thing, or if you wan to get into Musical Theatre, this will make you fall in love with the arts.

After that we went for a meal at Vittoria.

I was so hungry, I didn't even remember I had planned to take pictures of my food until I was half way through -but the food was delicious, I got the steak burger, which was more like a steak/breakfast burger, as there was egg and bacon on it as well as the, two thin, steaks and salad, with a side of chips...I needed to take two breaks from eating it -surprised I could even bite into it.

I was supposed to go to a party afterwards, but I was so tired after today that I went home a straight to bed.

 Make up at the end of the night, lipstick is completely gone, but everything else stayed on pretty good I think. 

Merch from the night takes a prideful place on my wall

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Love Coley xx