Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Cute Novelty Christmas Outfit

Hi I'm Coley the Elf

My top is from new look
My skirt is also from new look (last year)
Santa hat is from B&M and I stuck the bows on -cause it wasn't festive enough 
Boots are from River Island (about 3 years ago)
Tights are from ASDA

I was so excited when I got this, I snapchatted everyone this top!

I have no idea who these glasses belong to, but I loved them!

Me and Hannah, Favourite picture of the night

Me and my bestie since I was eight Megan

Me and the birthday girl Katya

I love being friends with this boy (Grant) cause I get to take ugly selfies and not always be the ugliest (in this pic I am)

Ella, Stu and me

Gubs and me

Me with my "twin" Kat

Me and Roo

Me and Chevonne

Me and Hannah again

Me and Orin

This wasn't actually a Christmas party, is was an extravagant hat party, but I coordinated mine (no one else did -suckers) and I won a prize woooop!

My Make Up Look is Here

Love Coley xx