Thursday, 4 December 2014


My Greatest Comforts in Life

When I'm ill I just like to be in my own bed and cuddle my own pillow
-So that's what I've been since I got back from Lagganlia. I've always enjoyed my own company when I'm ill, stressed or tired and like to be in my room surrounded by my own things, even when I was a little girl.

Drinking my dads tea.
So British, but literally stealing mouthfuls of my dads tea, I don't know why it just tastes better, even though he makes my cups of teas the exact same way, it just doesn't taste as good for some reason...
Shhh,,,I stole it, don't tell him.

Drinking hot chocolate
That my mum makes for me - though she rarely makes it, My mum is the kind of woman to complain about having to make something that can easily be made yourself, but my just doesn't taste as good as the ones she makes, she must have a secret ingredient or something.

Drinking Diet Coke 
This is very important to me, I am addicted to diet coke, ever since the day I got my first one at Greggs after school when I was like 7, before that it was normal coca-cola. My family literally made up a rhyme for me: Coley loves coca-cola and damn they were right.

Cuddling with my dogs
They just make me feel instantly happy,they are just so happy all the time. Tails wagging every time they see me, always looking to be; hugged, kissed, clapped and of course feed. 
Jewel's camera shy, Jake's lovin' it

Hugs from my parents 

Nothing is better than coming home from a stressful/upsetting day and getting a hug from my mum and dad, they just help make everything okay.

Listening to Music
Listening to music is my greatest form of distracting my mind, as when I listen to a song, I either get a storyline from it or plan a dance routine for it haha.

Sitting on my Laptop.
While my mum is watching her soaps (she watching Jeremy Kyle -love him), just sitting doing my thing with her shows as a background noise, is just relaxing and my mum is relaxed too, so it's all good.

Watching movies
It's day four of my Christmas Countdown so today I'm watching Four Christmases. 

Texting my friends.
I like to know that my friends are doing okay and are happy -and if they aren't I of course will try and make them feel better. I've been texting a lot more now, as I left school half way through the year, so it's the easiest way for me to stay in contact with them all. I wasn't going to have a picture for this cause conversation with my friends are private, but had to cause this is the conversation me and Grant "Grunt" were having when I was writing this part of the post!

Having both my brother and sister home 

So I know they are safe

Sitting wrapped up in a blanket
Surrounded by pillows
Hot Water Bottles - two to be exact
Like I said I am so ill, excuse the tissues and no make up

Laying in the dark so my mind can calm down before bed

I'm a book lover, always been big on reading and sitting in a quiet corner reading a good book has always calmed me.

Doing my make up

And Doing someone else's make up

Doing workouts
I'm so happy that I decided to do the challenges this month, because my body afterwards just feeling energised yet relaxed as does my mind and there's a sense of achievement that I finished a workout. 

Spending time with my friends
Me and Gubs

Eating Haribo's - TOM craving

Eating Spaghetti bolognese -this is my favourite meal

Long hot showers

Breathing deeply if I feel panicky, as I am sometimes prone to panic attack when extremely stressed.

Writing blog posts 
This has become a new comfort of mine, because it's something that is mine, that I have control over and I decide what happens in each post and when it goes up.

Keep a look out for my next post, you'll see it within the next 24 hours! Blogmas Day 4

Love Coley xx

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