Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cheap Christmas Present: Hot Chocolate Snowman

Cheap DIY: Hot Chocolate (and Coffee) Snowman

You'll need; 3 screw top jars, buttons, ribbon, a label, mini marshmallows, hot chocolate powder and coffee

Fill the first jar with marshmallows 
Fill second with hot chocolate powder
Fill third with coffee 

On the first jar glue on two black buttons for eyes, one orange button as a nose
one the second glue on three medium buttons, down the centre
tie ribbon around the neck of the second lid as the snowman's scarf
and around the third lid tie a smaller piece of ribbon, with the label
and then glue the jars together vis the jar lids
if you like you can cut out a hat from black felt, but I topped it with a bow.

(Inspired by StilaBabe09)

Love Coley xx