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One Directions New Album: Four - Review

One Direction's Four Album Review!

Steal My Girl:
Every time I hear this song I find myself swaying, its got a nice easy beat to listen to. Louis and Liam helped write this song -which is understandable. "Her mum call me love, her dad call me son" -relationship goals. Chorus really catchy and easy to remember, and a good concert song I think, it would be really easy to sing/scream back to the boys. It's really cute because I (personally) think it shows their insecurity with girls, they worry about losing their girlfriends, but I also think they mean us too, they never want us to stop loving and supporting them, we are their girls.

Boys if one of you dated me, you'd never have to worry about someone trying to steal me; PERKS!

The music video...hmm well I don't see any connotations to the song and actually what the song is saying, but I thought it was hilarious, Niall and his African warrior dance  and Louis with the chimp was so cute (even though I don't agree with the animal being in chains and having to perform, I can only hope that the animal is well looked after and in an humane way) - my only con to this song.

Ready to Run:
I see this as how the boys approach their relationships while on the road, relationships are hard, never mind when they are on the other side of the world most of the year -trust me I know, and they don't always work out, but this is the boys showing that they make it work, they have their down time with friends, families and girlfriends and find a way to make it work when they are a part. "There will always be the kind that criticizes" they lightly hint on cyber bulling towards their girlfriends and how even though it happens, they won't let it affect their relationships. Louis and Liam helped write this song too, when I found this out, it made sense that they would write it.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go:
I think this is my favourite song, nothing melts my heart like a boy admitting he's wrong and trying with all his heart to deserve her forgiveness and fighting to win her back, showing how insecure he is with where he stands with her and if he's lost her/she's moved on and aw I love it, what an amazing Hollywood storyline, oddly it's not done -well- enough. Harry helped write this one, I find that funny because of the rumours about him trying to win Taylor back, which are apparently not true....

Ed Sheeran wrote this beautiful song for the boys, I can always tell which song Ed's written so easily, they are always so beautiful. This song doesn't have any immediate personal meaning to the boys, but undoubtedly this is how Louis, Liam and Zayn feel about their girlfriends. It's just a really beautiful and touching song and you can't help but think of someone when this song plays.

I can see the boys performing this live in my mind, just sitting with thoughtful looks and being able to hear us sing it back so clearly because we feel the tranquillity in the air and...I'm really looking forward to it.

Girl Almighty:
One of the more upbeat songs on this album, they don't have very any on this album. It reminds me of She's Not Afraid (TMH) and I'm not too sure how I feel about this song, I like it but I find myself sometimes skipping this song -I'll probably be addicted to this song in a couple of days, not gonna lie.

Fool's Gold:
Getting played is what's this songs about, and even though you find out, you still can't help but still love them and want to be with them. If you look at this in a dark way -its early hours of the morning/very late at night for me- its us, loving them, we take them too the top, wanting to be with them, some thinking that we might actually date them -and yeah that's always a possibility but sadly not for us all, in a way they 'use' our love to get to the top, and yet we still love them and support them, we can't get enough of them...yeah quite dark that line of thought is. Or you can look at it the stereotypical way -which is most likely how that boys meant it haha. On the plus side all the boys helped write this song.

Night Changes:
One of the cutest music videos ever -it even competes with Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud music video- and the ending had me in stitches. Who wouldn't want to go on a date with these boys, but I have to say Niall's date is my perfect date idea; hot chocolate, by an open fire, snuggled under blankets, playing with my dogs -cause he doesn't have one-. him playing guitar and us singing together, the banter level would be so high neither of us could touch it and oh the heart to hearts and -okay I'm gonna stop now! In reality all the boys helped write this song too. Funny how an amazing date goes sour so quickly, but yet the boy/girl (whoever -no judging) is still promising, you would still go on an second date with them or continue dating them.

No Control:
Oooooo this songs a little bit naughty, of course it is Louis helped haha. Hmm...imagine one of the boys waking up next to you and having no control over themselves that how mad you drive him and how much he loves you, and lusts over you and just how passionate he is, what that phrase...umm -oh yeah- relationship goals!

Their love is fireproof...yeah, you can look at this song from many directions -wahey- it's for their girlfriends, it for family, friends, it's for us, I honestly think its for all of the above; it's for everyone important to them. Liam and Louis helped write this song, this track was on sale for free for 24 hours on iTunes and 1.1M  people bought it -woop woop - go us!

Going to sleep mad it never a good idea -because it leads to this song which makes your throat and chest tighten. There is nothing more horrible than having an argument with someone close, special and important to you, you both know so much about each other, yet neither want to raise the white flag first and you are just left with everything you know and miss about that person, and sometimes it ends with lost relationships. This song reminded me of Same Mistakes from Up All Night, but like the squeal, a continuation of it, also Louis and Liam helped write this song which is always good, and I couldn't help but think is this what happened at the end of Liam and Danielle's relationship and Louis' old long term relationship with...Hannah...?

Stockholm Syndrome:
This is another song I'm not too sure about, maybe it hits to close to home (no I was not kidnapped or anything), I don't know, it just rubs me up the wrong way, yet I really relate to it, but it doesn't make me feel good either...I don't know maybe I'm just weird. Harry helped write this one too, hmmm, maybe it's because there are so many fanfics about him kidnapping girls...

Another song that put me in mind of Same Mistakes, with a side of Taken (UAN), just again a squeal to it, which I kind of like, cause it's like you get to see hoe the story goes/ends, I enjoy songs that tell stories. Liam and Louis helped write this song as well, look at these two, writing songs left, right and freaking centre -not that I'm complaining at all.

Change Your Ticket:
I think this song is about Harry and Niall hooking up with fans...and Louis, Liam and Zayn not wanting their girlfriends to leave them yet because they miss them so much haha -yeah that's it in a nutshell. All the boys helped write this song which is why, to me, there is an element of romance and sleaziness...I really like this song haha, it keeps on getting in my head.

Liam helped write this song, for and about his relationship Sophia (so cute), especially know that he was so worried about finding someone who is there for him and not his name/One Direction. This is like the opposite end of the spectrum to Fool's Gold, it them fighting to prove they aren't messing around. It's funny thinking anyone would put up a fight before dating one of the boys, and imagining Liam having to chase a girl, but I guess that how I know she's legit, because I think I would be hesitant, especially if he was in One Direction, you don't want to be in the media for a few weeks and then be classed as a fling if he just broke up with you, he has to prove he wants you for the long haul -that's the case with any guy in my opinion to be honest.

Once in a Lifetime:
This song is about only finding that one, true special love once in your lifetime...I don't know if that true yet, -ask me on my death bed and I'll let you know- I hope it's not to be honest with you guys. but I would have whole heartedly agreed with this song a couple of month ago so maybe I'm just bitter haha.

Act My Age:
This is by far my favourite -fun- song by 1D, I love the Irish feel to it, and no doubt Niall will be doing his Irish Jig to it on stage, it reminds me of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, after the Quiddidsh World Cup and the twins are singing the Irish theme thing to annoy Ron haha, I literally laughed through this entire song, I just in-vision Niall dancing like Harvey this entire song. I feel like this song is just very honest about how they see themselves *whimpers* after one direction, they are still gonna act as they do now, like a bunch of 5 year olds with a 40 year old mans sense of humour. but imagine the boys without any hair...hmmm -still cute doe!

Louis had a lot of involvement with writing the tracks as did Liam, I would agree that all the boys had a larger part in writing in this album than any of the previous albums, and for that I enjoyed this album so much more as it is their songs, their words, experiences and emotions.

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